Leaving Family {Plus Our Summer House}

Leaving family is worth it when it means bringing others into the family! And that is why we stay, even in the midst of pain and heartache.

Through our nearly 30 years here in Italy we’ve seen that God keeps his promises. It’s not been easy, but God is ever faithful. And despite the difficulties, we would tread this path all over again. For it has helped us know God in a greater way. And helped us see his glory, his majesty, and his splendor.  Continue reading “Leaving Family {Plus Our Summer House}”

Hard-Time Decisions

Worry and stress make decision-making so much harder. So that’s the time to stop and pray before taking any action!


I’ve been going through somewhat of a rough time lately, and as is often the case, I find it’s a time for reflection, evaluation, and sometimes change. (Of course, if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know I have somewhat of an addiction to change. :/Continue reading “Hard-Time Decisions”

My Blogging Manifesto

Because blogging (like any activity) should enhance our lives, not make them stressful!

Cappuccino blog

Have you ever written a post apologizing for not posting in a while, or not holding to your schedule? I haven’t, but the thought has crossed my mind. Until I decided that probably no one even notices! I mean, my blog is not a major magazine or news site. And I seriously doubt people are sitting around wondering, “I wonder why Sheila hasn’t posted in a while!”  Continue reading “My Blogging Manifesto”

Why I Got a Smartphone (Finally)

Because when something stops working, that’s the time to replace it — not before it’s broken.

In Why I Don’t Own a Smartphone I stated that my decision not to get one was a matter of ethics. Because as a Christ follower, I believe ethics should extend to every area of my life. And not only those traditionally viewed as ‘spiritual.’ So have I reversed my stance? No, and with God’s help I hope to never do so.

Continue reading “Why I Got a Smartphone (Finally)”

The Samaritan Woman on Your Doorstep

Many people have no one to turn to, no shoulder to cry on. So let them come. For coffee, some help, or a listening ear…

Darkness and despair emanated from her eyes, sounding the cry for help her lips could not utter. But when I’d invited her, “Come for coffee. It’s not good to stay alone,” I had no idea I was inviting HERAnd even less did I realize she was taboo. Not to associate with. No, I didn’t know. I’d never actually met HER before, that woman at the well.   Continue reading “The Samaritan Woman on Your Doorstep”

Modena’s Balsamic Vinegar [Video]

Traditional balsamic vinegar, as expensive as it is tasty, is also known for its curative properties. Learn just why it’s so expensive and so good!

The Modena province in Emilia Romagna, where we lived many years is known as the Home of Balsamic Vinegar. And because it’s one of the places we most love returning to, it’s where we spent our Easter holiday this year. Full of tradition, great food, fine autos, and friendly people, it’s a great place to visit!  Continue reading “Modena’s Balsamic Vinegar [Video]”