Keep Running the Race: A Lesson from the Land Crab


Land crab

As this year draws toward its finish, I’d like to ask you a question. How has it treated you? It was a tough year for many, I know. And with all the crime, hatred, and violence exploding around the world it’s no wonder. Or perhaps you even faced personal difficulty. Unemployment, the loss of a love one, or severe health issues.  Continue reading “Keep Running the Race: A Lesson from the Land Crab”

How to Raise Readers in a Technological Era

From the time our children were tiny we read to them a lot. Starting with picture books, we pointed out dog, cat, tree, and so on. Building their vocabularies, along with a love of books, one word at a time. As they grew the books grew in length and so did our reading time together.  Continue reading “How to Raise Readers in a Technological Era”

Announcing Ministry Updates

This is the beginning of a new feature here: ministry updates, which I hope to update regularly. Many of you have requested photos, more updates, and better info on what we do. So I’m moving our ministry newsletters here from our Mission Italia site. We do hope you enjoy this new feature, and that it helps you better pray for us and the people here. Please be patient while I continue getting them all transferred.

But first, let’s start with a bit of background about our years here.

Continue reading

God’s Reputation in Our Hands


As a young man, C.T. Studd had everything going for him. A famous cricket champion during his Eton and Cambridge days, fame and success were his. But upon the death of his older brother George, he asked himself, “What is all the fame and flattery worth … when a man comes to face eternity?”  Continue reading “God’s Reputation in Our Hands”

Blog With Purpose, Not Obligation

Blue and yellow cup

Have you ever written a blog post that starts out apologizing for not blogging in a while? I haven’t, but the thought had crossed my mind! Until I read a post about Blogging without Obligation. The author basically brought out the fact that no one should have to apoligize for how often they post. An intriguing thought.  Continue reading “Blog With Purpose, Not Obligation”