Sheila’s Selah {Announcement}

Selah. An interesting word, a Hebrew word. One which usually means to pause, to stop and reflect. Something we so need in our busy, hectic world, don’t we? And so…

As you may know, my husband and I are missionaries here in the Bel Paese of Italy. A lovely place to live with people who have stolen our hearts.

But sadly, the Italian people, as a whole, don’t read a lot. And not just the Scriptures, but anything. So I’ve made an Italian version of this blog too, hoping it will whet their appetite to get into the Scriptures more.

Hence the name change. Maybe (hopefully) something less formal or theological sounding won’t scare them off quite so much. That, at least, is my hope and prayer. Please join me in it!

Salt makes us thirsty and I hope this blog will make both English and Italian readers thirsty. Thirsty for God’s Word. And thirsty for him and those selah moments with him.

Sheila’s Selah is a reminder to pause and learn — to listen to his heart, learn his ways, and love as he loves.

Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! (Psalm 46:10)

Author: Sheila

American born, Italian at heart. Happily married over 40 years, living in Italy almost 30. Mom of two and nonna to 9 grandkids. Missionary with a passion for God's Word and encouraging others to to walk in his ways and give their all in devotion and consecration to him. For He alone is worthy of all. {AND IN ITALIANO}: Ciao sono Sheila. Nata in America con un cuore italiano! Felicemente sposata da oltre 40 anni e vivo in Italia da quasi 30. Mamma di due e nonna a 9 nipoti. Missionaria con la passione per la Parola di Dio e per incoraggiare gli altri a camminare con Dio in devozione e consacrazione. Perché solo Lui è degno di tutto.

16 thoughts

    1. Thanks Karen, I’ve already got several Italian believers following along on the FB page. Praying that it may be an encouragement to them in their walk with the Lord, and that the word may even spread to those who do not yet know him! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. They mean a lot!!!!!

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  1. Sheila I love the new name. I’m Italian and I love to read! May that be an encouragement! Remember, we are only called to plant the seeds, than “Selah”:) I am believing you will be blessed to see the growth!


    1. Wow Denise, I didn’t know you’re Italian…a paesana!! How wonderful! Thankfully, there are some Italians who do like to read. But they are known throughout Europe as people who don’t read a lot. Guess they’re more of talkers…with hands flying of course! But it is only the Word which will grow believers and reach the non-believing hearts. And that is so important. I appreciate your encouragement and prayers! God bless1

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    1. Thanks Vanessa! Please pray with me that it may be used both to encourage believers here and to show those who still don’t know him how wonderful he is. I really appreciate your prayers and encouragement. God is good!!!!

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