Italian Valentines: Love is in the Air

Romantic Italy, with gondolas and couples strolling arm in arm, seems made just for Valentine’s Day. But Italy isn’t just for lovers. There’s something for everyone!

Wherever you go in Italy, it seems that is love in the air! Italy, with Venice and its gondola rides, and Verona with Romeo and Juliet’s fake houses, is known as one of the most romantic travel spots in the world. But Italy isn’t only for lovers. There’s something for everyone! 

Historians can trace the path of time. Through the Etruscan civilization, Magna Grecia, the Roman Empire, and into the Middle Ages and beyond.

Artists and scholars pull up to a veritable feast. At the countless museums, galleries, and churches. Chock full of the literature, philosophy, art, and science treasures spawned by the Renaissance.

Backpackers and sportsmen can choose from unlimited adventure. From endless sun-drenched beaches to quaint Alpine villages and medieval towns. From hiking and skiing to every water sport imaginable.

And sightseers can wear themselves out to their heart’s content! Traipsing from Rome to Pisa, Venice, Florence, and back to Rome again. Stopping at every little town along the way.

Yes, Italy has something for everyone. Even the young, and young at heart! Like Pinocchio Park in Pescia (Tuscany) or Gardaland, Lake Garda’s amusement park.

Love is in the air — and there’s something for everyone to love. But perhaps never as much as on Valentine’s Day!

Romantic Italy just seems made for it! Couples strolling down cobble-stoned streets. Romantic dining on outdoor terraces. And the ever-present boxes of the Perugina company’s famous Baci, or chocolate kisses. Each bacio wrapped in its own multilingual love note!

But when I think of Italy and love in the air, plain and homey things are what take over my heart.

  • Olive trees in blossom and red-leaved vineyards in the crisp autumn air.
  • Fresh baked pizza, frothy cappuccinos, and hot peppers drying in the sun.
  • Outdoor markets, tiny shops, and hot fresh bread delivered right to the door.
  • Chubby-cheeked babies that “never eat”.
  • Old folks dozing in the shade of a summer’s afternoon.
  • And kind neighbors always ready with cups of espresso or to lend a hand.

When I think of Italy, love is in the air, alright. And in the food, the places, and the smiles on people’s faces!

Happy San Valentino from Italy!

Images: Glass in Venice –; Venice ©

Author: Sheila

American born, Italian at heart. Wife, mom, nonna to 9, missionary in Italy since 1989 with

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