My Blogging Manifesto

Because blogging (like any activity) should enhance our lives, not make them stressful!

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Have you ever written a post apologizing for not posting in a while, or not holding to your schedule? I haven’t, but the thought has crossed my mind. Until I decided that probably no one even notices! I mean, my blog is not a major magazine or news site. And I seriously doubt people are sitting around wondering, “I wonder why Sheila hasn’t posted in a while!” 

But mostly because I believe blogging (like any activity) should enhance our lives, not make them stressful!

Numerous posts have been written on the topic of blogging without obligation. Which present the idea that perhaps we need to rethink what makes a good blog, and the expectations that come with that.

I love blogging and find it a rich and rewarding experience, and a great way to make new friends. Yet there’s actually quite a bit of work to it. First there is the setting up and tweaking of the site. Then all the time to write and edit posts, and choose images to go with them. And time to maintain social media profiles so readers can follow more easily.

And finally, encouraging the other bloggers we follow. Sure, I could just go through and and click “Like” without reading or barely reading all those posts. But that lacks authenticity, and actually seems a bit deceitful. Just like a bunch of posts so they’ll like mine too.

If your mind is able to handle such a huge influx of reading, great, but mine can’t! And trying to read too many posts becomes a chore instead of enjoyable.

So I’d like to look at blogging from the viewpoint of stewardship.

With all that’s involved with setting up and keeping a good blog, it could easily take over. Which is why when I first read a blogging without obligation post, it really made me think. First, that I don’t want blogging to take over my life. And second, that if I find it hard to keep up, perhaps my readers do too. Especially fellow bloggers, who sometimes follow dozens of other blogs.

And that’s why I’ve formulated my own Slow Blogging Manifesto. Because blogging should be a joy, not drudgery! Both for me and for my readers!!

My Blogging Manifesto:
  1. My blog is a tool for expressing my thoughts, connecting with others, or possibly earning income — not the most important thing in my life.
  2. No one is likely to inscribe my blog stats or comment numbers on my gravestone after I’m gone!
  3. As the author and creator of my blog, I (and not others) have the right to determine how I want my blog to be.
  4. I do not want to view my blog as an obligation or drudgery. By blogging when I want to and am able to, I will probably keep my blog longer and enjoy it more!
  5. Neither the length or frequency of my blog posts determine my blog’s quality.
  6. I recognize that not everything I do or experience is “bloggable.”
  7. I will remind myself that (as with many things) less is more.
  8. I understand that blogging only when truly inspired will make my blogging voice more authentic and my blog more integral.
  9. I will not sacrifice my offline life or real relationships for my blog.
  10. I will keep in mind that perhaps readers don’t want to try to keep up with a huge amount of reading!
  11. And I will remember that it’s good to just step back and enjoy life! There is more to life than blogging!

So a less stressful blogging? Yes, please! How about you?

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Author: Sheila

American born, Italian at heart. Wife, mom, nonna to 9, missionary in Italy since 1989 with

25 thoughts on “My Blogging Manifesto”

  1. Thank you for the good advice. My blogging will slow down for the summer months as I stated in today’s post, for the work of ministry God has called me to. It also gives me a little extra time to enjoy what you and others are posting.


    1. I know what you mean – I don’t know if it’s just because I’m getting older, but I find writing, answering comments, and reading other blog can take up a huge amount of time. And while I love it, there are other things to tend to, and so many important people in my life. I don’t want blogging to crowd the rest out! Happy slow summer!!

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  2. Sheila I don’t respond often but I want you to know I do read your posts and enjoy them. I’m not a blogger but recently retired and find much joy in living a life that does not include an over abundance of deadlines. I agree with your “slow blogging manifesto”. I will read your blogs whenever you have the opportunity to post them and enjoy your adventures and insights each time. Many blessings to you and your family!


    1. Aw thanks Deb, what an encouragement! I’m glad you’re enjoying your retirement! What a blessing to be able to take life slower and enjoy the many things you couldn’t enjoy as much before! I’m happy for you!


  3. I definitely share these posts when I am away or there is a break in the schedule to keep people updated 🙂 There have been many thoughtful people in my community who care and I am appreciative that not only do they care, but they also pray for me. I do feel an obligation as well in the sense that God has called me to be a writer and to share what He has shown me. Right now, He’s provided blogging as means to share with the world the love of Christ and the insights He has given 🙂 But everyone is called differently, and we each are to carry through what He has called us to do through His purpose.


    1. I agree totally T.R., we do need to hear the Lord’s voice and follow through on what he shows us. I guess the older I get, I realize that I can’t do it all and I’m not supposed to. Our life and ministry here keep us pretty busy and blogging has to take second place. Plus finding time for just being in God’s presence (even without doing or saying anything) takes top priority. There are only so many hours in the day, and I know the Lord doesn’t want me to live them under stress, lol!

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      1. Absolutely!!! 🙂 You are where you are called to be. Priorities are important and we must make sure we are putting God and others where they need to be. He’ll help us figure out the rest.

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  4. Great encouragement that I have to remind myself of often. It is easy to make it a hard chore rather than something fun and encouraging. Thanks for sharing.


    1. It’s amazing Tom how many of us share the same struggles! Blogging is great, fun, and encouraging. But I believe it should also bring greater peace and growth to our lives – not stress. Most of us already have enough of that, lol!

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  5. Thanks Sheila for sharing this Post. This thought was on my mind that I haven’t posted a new blog post for a long time. Your words have helped me see my blogging through a new perspective. Blessings!


    1. I was also encouraged after I read a post along this line. Just because many supposed “experts” say blogging is good every day, doesn’t make it so. It may be what’s best for some, but not all. I think the main thing is to find what’s right for us, what brings peace to our hearts, and adds greater growth to our lives. If it starts stressing me out, then I have to start wondering “is this what God really wants for me?” Blog in your own way and style, trusting God to guide your pen! Which I believe he does. Your posts are a great encouragement!!

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  6. I find my blogging comes in “spurts” and I feel the same when I don’t write…I also begin to believe maybe I’ve
    lost it”. I do the same with painting. Then I’m enthusiastic again simply by either writing something true to me or painting a piece that I feel represents me. Your blog is so beautiful!


    1. I guess we’re both spurty people Lisanne. Thanks for the encouragement, and your blog is very beautiful too. I think you hit the nail on the head. What we write should feel true to us. God has given each of us a voice, and it’s important to keep that voice authentic and integral, which can easily get lost in a multitude of words. But if people can make a strenuous schedule work, more power to them. I find I’m just geared for that!!

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  7. “Have you ever written a post apologizing for not posting in a while, or not holding to your self-imposed schedule?”

    I sure have, Sheila. I have a very regimented blogging schedule and have on occasion allowed it to be a source of stress. I do periodically take a short break and am learning to not let it bother me. As you said, when it is a chore to be dreaded then is has become pointless. Good encouragement here, thank you.


    1. Well Wally, you’re not alone in writing such a post! I have read several. Schedules can be useful, for sure. Without any kind of plan we might never post at all. But you’re right. Sometimes we do need a break!!


    1. That’s a good one Mary! Slow and steady, it reminds me of a saying we have here in Italy. Which perhaps with your Spanish you will recognize. “Chi va piano, va lontano.” He goes slow will go far. Slow living is so ingrained into the Italian psyche, and I know a lot of that has rubbed off on me!! I find that I had somehow stopped following you. I don’t know if these things are WordPress glitches or what. Thanks for commenting, as it helped me refind you!!


  8. Wonderful points, Sheila! I have set a goal for myself to try to do two posts a week: 1 devotional and one other of my choice, but if it’s too much for my schedule or feels like too much of a burden, I let it go. When I read the title of your post, I had to giggle… I have a slew of half written posts in my account that eventually get finished, but it may take a few months! That’s slow blogging! 😀


    1. I tend to try to do about 2 posts per week too, Linda. I find it’s about all I can manage. I have a lot of partial posts too, plus lists of ideas. But yes, they can take months and months to finish. You’re right, that is slow blogging! The main thing is – just keep up the good work!!

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