Finding Peace as Life Whizzes By

I’ve heard it said that there is nothing like grandchildren to make you realize how quickly life is passing by. And I think perhaps that’s more true for folks like us who get to see them so rarely.

But we will visit the USA this autumn after a 5-year absence. Having last been there the year our son’s 4th child was just a tiny newborn. It’s hard to believe he’s 6 already and his baby sister 5. Life truely does zoom by, especially childhood. And when I think on these things, it sometimes feels that many of life’s special things are slipping through my fingers. But dwelling there is not wise. And the main thing anyway is that we will finally get to meet them properly soon!!

I’ve also heard that time seems to pick up speed with age. And it does seem to. Good intentions of doing this post before leaving for the ministry trip we’re on fell flat as my to- do list grew longer and longer…

We’re on a 9-day ministry trip to Bari. And the church we’re visiting has been great, even taking us around to see some of the sites. (Pictures coming soon!)

But the main thing is that they are eager for teaching, and that is alwsys encouraging. We wish this to be always true of all disciples in every place and time; ourselves included.

This is just a quick catch- up post to let you all know that we haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, and to ask that you pray for us and this group.

Come over and help us!

This a church with no full-time pastor, and they really long to have one. It reminds me of Paul’s vision in Acts 16 , when he saw the Macedonian calling for someone to go and help them. Paul answered that call. Please pray with us that someone will hear and answer!

We met a Nigerian refugee here helping people at a supermarket with their carts in hopes of receiving a bit of help.

A Heart of contentment.

Mario tried to give him a handful of change, but he wouldn’t take the larger coins, wich are like 1 and 2 dollar coins. Just the smaller ones.” Small, small,” he said, “it is enough.” We learned that he is a Christian, and had a Bibles and study notes with him.

Wow, what an awesome contentment. The refugees, while hosted in the centers have food and lodging. Those with documents that allow them to stay are on their own. And it’s a hand to mouth existence. Yet he said small, small. It is enough.

My prayer today is that my heart could have that kind of contentment. That having food and clothing I could say, ” it is enough.”

That having food and clothing we will be content with that -1 Timothy 6:7.

What a statement of trusting God! And what peace that can bring to our hearts!

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