5 Steps to Reclaim Your Life From the Internet

Have you ever had any epiphany moments in your life? Moments which awaken you and bring deep and lasting change to your life? I have, and one came to me recently.

Epiphany: a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

It came about one evening as I was wading through reading blogs and Social Media. I suddenly realized that’s not what I want in my life. And I know that, as a blogger, that seems incongruous. Because like all bloggers, I hope that others will read and enjoy my writing.

But I needed to reclaim my life from the internet.

There is so much more to life than keeping up with social media, subscriptions, blogging, and all the rest. Why was I spending time reading posts I wasn’t really interested in or that didn’t enrich my life in some way? So I started internet decluttering, and am I ever glad I did!

5 simple steps for reclaiming your life from the internet.

1. Subscribe to blogs and follow others on social media for the right reasons.

Follow because you find inspiration, encouragement, or interesting content. Unsubscribe to blogs (including this one) if they don’t enrich your life in some way. Otherwise blogging can quickly go from joy to chore!

2. Don’t follow just because you’re hoping they will like your stuff or follow you too.

Following just to get likes or followers seems a bit like being back in grade school. And who has the time, energy, or desire to play at that?

I only follow blogs I’m truly interested in and have time to read. Even inspirational blogs because if we take in too much food, we can’t even digest it!

So if I follow you, like your posts, or leave comments, it’s because I actually took the time to read and truly liked what I found! Anything less seems misleading somehow.

3. Aim for blogs with mostly evergreen content.

Evergreen content remains valid and interesting for days or even years to come. Think recipes, how-to posts, inspirational posts with a take-away, informative posts with timeless content, even photos. Blog posts with this type of content are great to read and even re-read down the road!

4. Eliminate social media profiles that are either a big time drain or that don’t really work for you.

I had both Twitter and Facebook business pages, which brought few results. Meaning little real interaction, which to me is far more important than stats.

Deleting them freed time for making better use of what does work. Like Pinterest, which is a perfect fit for a travel/lifestyle blog like this!

5. Adapt social media to work for you!

One of the main things I did was to delete my Facebook pages, set most content on my personal Facebook profile to Public, and enable Followers. (While also limiting the audience for posts that are only for family and friends.)  I think this also helps readers see a more personal side of our lives.

So Follow us on Facebook | It’s more than just another feed of nothing but our blog posts. I put up lots of photos, homey news, ministry news, and so on!

And it has been working great for me!

Blogs posted to my personal profile get great feedback, and friends assure me that they love all the posts and pictures. (Or if they don’t, they’ve been too polite to say so!) But the best part of it all is that it creates more connection, and that’s a lovely thing!

Blogging really should be about community and communication.

Hubby and I firmly believe that less is often more. So I’d rather create a small community of people who can get to know and interact with one another. A huge list of followers or a huge list of blogs posts to struggle through does not do that.

Internet and technology are great tools. But they’re just that.

Don’t let internet become your life.

[Images are our own.]

12 thoughts on “5 Steps to Reclaim Your Life From the Internet

  1. SO much wisdom in this share, Sheila. I am picky about who I follow as well. Content has to be something I LOVE. And I love what you and your husband do, and hearing about the lessons God is teaching you. We all need mentors. Thank you!

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  2. This is great advice because we (at least I ) get pulled into the competition. I feel guilty if I “link up” with others but don’t have time to read so many blogs. Then I feel pressure that if I don’t link up no one will notice my writing. I love the first comment here…if it’s God’s will for my writing to be seen it will. I was feeling kind of moody and doubtful about my writing this evening and prayed that God would lead to something to read that would ease my despondency. Thank you!

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    • So glad my epiphany moment may work to help others too! Isn’t it great how God does that? Part of what made me think of all this is that I’ve read many posts about authenticity. I started wondering, is my blogging life showing authenticity? Do I follow others with sincere motives, or selfish ones? Do I write just to be seen, noticed, or have success? Or to serve and be an encouragement? How would Jesus have blogged (if such a thing had existed in his time)? And I decided THAT’S what I want to pattern my blogging life after! And yes, it is like Nancy said. It’s all in God’s hands, and if we’re pleasing him, that’s all that really matters!! You write from your heart and that shows. Now just keep on keeping on!!

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  3. A BIG AMEN, SHEILA! To follow bloggers whose posts I never plan to read seems pointless to me. Yes, supposedly publishers are interested in how many followers you have, but surely they know the game many bloggers play in order to raise their total. Maybe I’m naive, but I believe our God is bigger than any game we could play to get ahead! P.S. After reading this post, I am greatly honored that you are a follower of my blog!! 🙂 Thank you very much!

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