Our Abruzzo Mountains

What beautiful mountains we see from our town! Found in the Maiella National Park and only an hour’s drive away!  Known as the wildest and most inaccessible area of Italy’s Central Appenine, its 740 km² (286 miles²) were a haven for hermits, abbeys and retreats, and dotted with quaint old towns and dry-stone huts.

As possibly one of the best preserved appenine ecosystems, the Maiella Park abounds in wildlife: the golden eagle, the rare otter, the pine marten, the red fox, the European badger, and the wild cat. As well as bear and wolves! It is, in fact, believed that the park contains one of highest wolf population densities in Italy, if not the world! 

Along its 500 km (311 miles) of hiking trails, be sure to look for the cave paintings of the Grotta Sant’Angelo, or stop at the Grotta del Cavallone, one of the deepest caves open to the public in Europe!

Or if hiking is not to your liking, you can visit the naturalist museum at Fara San Martino, or the visitor centers at Lama dei Peligni and Caramanico Terme.

But no matter how or what you visit, you’re sure to find a warm welcome, among the strong and kind Abruzzi people!

[Images our own.]

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