What is the Pentateuch?

The Pentateuch is the first 5 books that most Bible scholars believe were written by Moses. But no matter who penned them their inspiration is true and they have much to teach us.

The Pentateuch refers to the first 5 books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, also known as the books of The Law. But they contain much more than the laws God established for his people. They recount the story of the creation, God’s choosing Abraham as the father of his chosen people, and numerous epic stories about God’s people.

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The Importance of Yearly Bible Reading

Reading glasses

One of our granddaughters once drew a selfie which included us. “I gave us glasses,” she explained to me, “but not Nonno (grandfather) because he can never find his anyway!” She knows her Nonno well. The absent-minded professor in person, constantly misplacing his keys, glasses, and other things!  Continue reading “The Importance of Yearly Bible Reading”

The Significance of the Intertestamental Period

The Old and New Testaments are separated by one blank page in most Bibles. But that single page represents a long interval known as the 400 years of silence, as we have no record of God speaking through the prophets or inspired writers.  Continue reading “The Significance of the Intertestamental Period”

Why the Old Testament is Important

Our Old Testament is the first and longer portion of the Bible. A collection of ancient Hebrew writings that not only contains the historical record of God’s promise to them and all of humanity, but also their primary text for moral instruction.  Continue reading “Why the Old Testament is Important”

Why Does the Bible Have Two Testaments?

The Old Testament sets the stage for the New. And leading up to the culmination of Christ’s death and resurrection reveals God’s plan of salvation.

Our word testament comes from the Greek diaqhkh, meaning “will, testament, or covenant.” The best translation, Biblically speaking, is covenant, as the Old and New Testaments are God’s covenants (or agreements) with humanity.  Continue reading “Why Does the Bible Have Two Testaments?”

About the Bible

The Bible, with its timeless and enduring message, is God’s primary way of revealing himself to humanity.

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