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Don’t you Know You’re Beautiful? [Video]

Anyone who knows me knows that I generally avoid advertising like the plague. I just don’t want all the hype trying to get me to buy a bunch of stuff I don’t need and don’t […]

You CAN do it Mom

My children are grown and gone. I now have adult grandchildren. And still that voice most mothers know accuses me. It’s that voice that says, “You can’t do it. You’ll never be a good mom. […]

Our Towns {Where is Home?}

Our Towns is really our Tale of Two Houses. Ah, the complex fascination of expat life! (Read between the lines: challenging, frustrating, but ever so blessed!) In fact, during lunch with some new acquaintances recently they asked, […]

The Old Aunty’s Kerchief {And the Power of Love}

I can picture her still so old and frail, hobbling up the steep hill leaning on her pair of homemade walking sticks. “What do you have there, Zia (Aunty)?” my husband asked, pointing to the open-mesh […]

Celebrating 41 Years of Marriage

Marriage is a learning process. I’ve found that no matter how long you’ve been married, or how great a marriage you have, there is always something new to learn. Some area that needs improvement, or […]

Chestnuts Bursting on an Open Fire

The fire didn’t heat better out of the fireplace. Though no one would ever convince the dear stubborn, old man of that! Yet we fondly remember those simple evenings of reading by the fire as some of […]

Around Town: A Journey Into the Past

Going around town in Italian villages is a journey into the past. Another time. Another way of life. Everything, from the narrow, cobblestoned streets to ancient buildings, speaks of times gone by. 

Thoughts of the Past {Newspaper}

As a child, I remember my father pouring over the Daily News, our area’s newspaper. Every evening, as ours wasn’t a morning edition, he’d sit in his easy chair, newspaper in hand. Slippers on his […]