Scheduling Simplicity?

The multiple distractions of modern life eat away at time, making organization and discipline ever more necessary. Perhaps even more so for folks like me, who work from home. With few actual deadlines to meet, it’s far too easy to procrastinate! And leaving things undone eventually creates problems.

Yet I’d hate to become so structured that I miss out on life’s simple pleasures, like leisurely strolls, watching sunsets, and visits with friends!

But can we really schedule a simple life?

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Why I Got a Smartphone (Finally)

In Why I Don’t Own a Smartphone I stated that my decision not to get one was a matter of ethics. Because as a Christ follower, I believe ethics should extend to every area of my life. And not only those traditionally viewed as spiritual. So have I reversed my stance? No, and with God’s help I hope to never do so.

But life is an ongoing process requiring continual change and evaluation. And the time had come to reevaluate. I had not previously made the purchase because I did not need it. I’m home most of the time with a good internet connection, and did not need to be connected when out.  Continue reading

A Full and Happy Life [Video]

If wealth, possessions, and success could bring happiness, successful entrepreneurs and the wealthy would be the happiest people in the world. Yet they’re often not. And the more we talk with people, the more we discover that many are unsatisfied with life. Either they don’t like the direction their life is going or feel their life is directionless.

And I think it’s because we often start living for the wrong things. We live to get more, and then wonder what to do with it. We work to upgrade to bigger homes and fancier automobiles, and then struggle to make the payments on a home we’re seldom in because we work all the time.  Continue reading

Why I Don’t Own a Smartphone

I’m probably among the few in Italy (and likely most places) with no Smartphone. And people often wonder why, so I explain that for me it’s a matter of ethics. Ethics that extend to my shopping and use of technology. Because I believe that my faith should guide every area of life, including technology.

Hubby and I tend to go against the flow of commercialism and materialism. The insatiable need for bigger, better, and more which seems to drive the world today, and which companies are all too happy to fill. They dangle the carrot of new, bigger, and better products and like sheep consumers chase after them — even if the items aren’t needed. Sometimes even jumping off the cliff into financial difficulty.  Continue reading