Cookies and Privacy

I use COOKIES to personalize your online experience here.

Cookies are a digital footprint or string of information left by online activity. By simply reading pages you leave a vague footprint. But if you comment, subscribe, or share it is sometimes tied specifically to you and your identity. Learn more at WordPress Cookies and at All About Cookies.

You can DISABLE COOKIES by setting your browser to refuse them before using this website. Please be aware that certain features may not function properly without the aid of cookies.

Your PRIVACY is important to me.

PRIVACY PROTECTION: I do not sell, barter, trade, or share personal data. I never publish emails. I always endeavor to treat your personal data according to privacy laws.

CHILD PRIVACY PROTECTION: I do not knowingly collect personal data from children under age 13. (See the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.)

DATA USAGE: Data is collected and used for the express purpose of helping you read, engage with, respond to, or share my published content. And to facilitate communication between us via my contact page or comments, but I promise to never spam your email inbox.

DATA DURATION: Data is stored on my servers and may be kept indefinitely.

LAW ENFORCEMENT: I may give data to law enforcement at my discretion.

ANALYTIC AND 3rd PARTY: Data may also be collected by analytic services and other third-party services.

Contact Me if you would like to have your personal information deleted, corrected, or updated, or with any questions regarding this policy.