Where I Live

My husband and I divide home between the little Cottage we bought in Abruzzo in late 2008, and his ancestral home, in Campania.

Our Home Base, in the Abruzzo region:

Our main home is a peaceful village, which we’ve nicknamed Beautiful but Forgotten, nestled in the foothills between Abruzzo’s Appenine mountains and the Adriatic seacoast.  Abruzzo truly is beautiful, but in so many ways by-passed and forgotten — even with the Gospel of Christ. We’re here trying to make sure that the Gospel does not pass Abruzzo by!

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It’s a town of only 3000 people, so you’ll also hear frequent mention of the nearest city, a handy shopping spot for things we can’t find in the village. About 30 minutes away, right down on the sea, this “city” boasts a population of 40,000 people! It’s also home to the church we attend.

Most images are views we see either right from our own garden, or from around town!

Our Summer Base, in the Campania region:

Our summer home lies in the lonely, abandoned mountains of the Salerno province, nicknamed Beyond Forgotten, because this village is slowly dying off. And the people feel beyond forgotten, and beyond hope of any kind. We spend summers and holidays there. Trying to reach their hearts with God’s message of hope, and show that they are not forgotten!

This town of about 500 people, is not only much smaller, but growing smaller all the time. Any mention of going to the “city” here means down the mountain to a town of about 12,000. And in this out-of the way place, that’s a big city!

We use these nicknames and other pseudonyms, along with only general details, because we sometimes blog about these wonderful places and people. And we feel it is important to protect their privacy. Images, as well, are often not of the protagonists, but used purely for illustrative purposes. We realize this can make our story a bit difficult to follow, so we hope this makes it a little easier!

Missionaries with two houses? Inconceivable!

We know! And we still find it hard to believe! We’re just simple folk, and definitely not wealthy. In fact, we’ve never had wages above the poverty line. But the Lord works in strange ways… And our two houses are living proof!

If you’d like to learn more, be sure to read our Our Towns!

[All images ©SheilaScorziello.com]


  1. Two homes, two mission fields. God never forgets anyone, and thank you for ministering to the hearts of the people there, that they may know that He not only thinks of them, but loves them with an everlasting love.



    1. Thank you so much Linda! And know that we really do really on your prayers for both of these places which we love so much. But God loves them more!!

      Liked by 1 person


      1. My husband and I are missionaries at home here in the US, serving year round at a Christian camp. We know the power of prayer. It’s so good to meet you.


      2. Thanks Linda, and I’m glad to meet you too. Christian camp – what a great ministry! So many opportunities to reach out and touch lives. May the Lord bless your work richly!!


    1. Oh Dawn, I love the perspective she brings out! Thanks for sharing that, and helping me to find another blogger. The village aspect really is what makes the Italian nativity scene so special!!

      Liked by 1 person


  2. Wow, that looks like an idyllic life.



    1. In many ways, it is. But as with any place, it comes with its own trials and frustrations. But it’s Home and a place we love. So, for us at least, that makes it seem idyllic! Thanks for reading, and sorry to not answer sooner. Your comment got sent to spam 😦

      Liked by 1 person


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