Simple Slow Living for Retirement

Between certain life-style choices we’ve made, and finding retirement age just around the corner (yikes), we’re starting to think about those years more. Choices we in no way regret, but which will undoubtedly make retirement interesting, to […]

Poached Eggs Italian-style: Eggs in Purgatory

Add bread and salad and you’ve got a delicious, simple, well-balanced supper. Buon appetito! Image of eggs via

Groundhog Day in Italy

Many people on Groundhog Day (February 2) wait for groundhogs to emerge from their holes. For according to Anglo-Saxon folklore, if the groundhog sees its shadow, we’re sure to have six more weeks of winter. And of […]

Through the Eyes of a Child

While watching an old rerun of Rafe Hollister Sings from The Andy Griffith Show, my 6-year old grandson wondered why Mayberry’s mayor and a leading citizen (Mrs. Jeffrie) didn’t want Mr. Hollister to represent their town at […]

Wild Abruzzo: Our Region of Italy

Our main home is in the little known region of Abruzzo, once considered one region with that of Molise. It lies to the east of Lazio and Rome and north of Puglia, with the Adriatic […]

A Lesson From the Birds

With his tiny feet resting lightly on the snow’s surface, he reminded me of the Father’s loving care. I love birds, and felt so bad for that brave little guy. Pecking at the plants growing […]

Simplest Italian Snack Ever

This simple snack is really a simplified Italian Bruschetta which Italians simply call Bread and Oil. Made with 4 basic kitchen ingredients, it’s an old standby …

You Might Be Italian if…

Ever wondered if you might possibly have Italian roots somewhere in your family? Sometimes you can tell by your last name. But if you’re not sure, try this simple test to discover if you might […]