Why I Got a Smartphone (Finally)

In Why I Don't Own a Smartphone I stated that my decision not to get one was a matter of ethics. Because as a Christ follower, I believe ethics should extend to every area of my life. And not only those traditionally viewed as 'spiritual.' So have I reversed my stance? No, and with God's help... Continue Reading →

The Samaritan Woman on Your Doorstep

Darkness and despair emanated from her eyes, sounding the cry for help her lips could not utter. But when I'd invited her, "Come for coffee. It's not good to stay alone," I had no idea I was inviting HER. And even less did I realize she was taboo. Not to associate with. No, I didn't know. I'd... Continue Reading →

Modena’s Balsamic Vinegar [Video]

The Modena province in Emilia Romagna, where we lived many years is known as the Home of Balsamic Vinegar. And because it's one of the places we most love returning to, it's where we spent our Easter holiday this year. Full of tradition, great food, fine autos, and friendly people, it's a great place to... Continue Reading →

Kill That Pigeon

I wanted that pigeon dead; it's sad but true. Now don't get me wrong, I love birds. I'd like a house full of them, and barnyard too. (Not that I have a barn!) But I did not like that pigeon! "Kill that pigeon, I said!"  The outside walls of our old house, like the one... Continue Reading →

That’s Not My Mom!

Grandchildren often think grandmothers are the most wonderful women on the face of the earth. But I wonder if my kids ever think, "That's not the woman who raised me!" Windows wide open to soft gentle breezes...it was springtime! My favorite time of year. And what better time to do spring cleaning? "But what does cleaning... Continue Reading →

Italian Easter Traditions

"Toc, toc, toc." Wiping my hands on my apron, I went to the door wondering who would visit so close to lunch. "Buon giorno," I greeted the unexpected visitor hesitantly. "Can I help you?" not really knowing what to say or do. I'd never been visited by a priest before!  "Well, I'm here for the... Continue Reading →

A Full and Happy Life [Video]

If wealth, possessions, and success could bring happiness, successful entrepreneurs and the wealthy would be the happiest people in the world. Yet they're often not. And the more I talk with people, the more I discover that many are unsatisfied with life. Either they don't like the direction their life is going or feel their... Continue Reading →

Italian Without Words [Video]

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And I believe it's true. But here in Italy we also say that a gesture is worth a thousand words! Because Italy has a second (unofficial) language. That of hand gestures, and there are dozens of them!  So if you come to Italy you don't necessarily... Continue Reading →

Italian Slow Living

When I explain how our years here have taught us to slow down, enjoy life, and have even more time for all that we love, I find many who want to escape the stress and frazzled nerves (or the sometimes meaningless treadmill) of modern life. We want a meaningful life that counts for something, but... Continue Reading →

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