Our Abruzzo Mountains

What beautiful mountains we see from our town! Found in the Maiella National Park and only an hour’s drive away!  Known as the wildest and most inaccessible area of Italy’s Central Appenine, its 740 km² (286 miles²) were a haven for hermits, abbeys and retreats, and dotted with quaint old towns and dry-stone huts.

As possibly one of the best preserved appenine ecosystems, the Maiella Park abounds in wildlife: the golden eagle, the rare otter, the pine marten, the red fox, the European badger, and the wild cat. As well as bear and wolves! It is, in fact, believed that the park contains one of highest wolf population densities in Italy, if not the world!  Continue reading

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Healed by One Touch

Wiping her brow, Tamar adjusted her scarf to better shield her fair skin which burned so easily. “Why can’t I look like other girls, and be like them?” she wondered once again.  Then quickly bit her tongue for even having such thoughts. Read the original post…

Find hope for the hard times, peace when all seems dark, and purpose and direction for your life.

Because with the Lord, hope really does endure!

[Image: sunset in our summer village.]

Rome, the Eternal City

With tourist season upon us, wouldn’t you like to know a bit more about Rome the Eternal City? Just for when you’re lucky enough to find yourself over here in the boot?!!

Rome is known as the Eternal City and as Caput Mundi, Latin meaning capital of the world. Which seems to stem from the fact that Romans have longed viewed (even back in ancient history) their city as the world’s capital. And during the Roman Empire, Rome was in fact the world’s capital. It has been Italy’s capital since 1871.  Continue reading

The Mixed Blessings of Life Overseas {and Our Summer Home}

We celebrated 29 years here in May! And while our years here have not been easy, we would tread this path all over again. For it’s been a good life in which we have seen God’s faithfulness.

But Life overseas is joy mixed with sorrow. Unable to attend the funerals of Mario’s parents and my grandparents, the needed closure took much longer. And until we finally met our new grandchildren, usually when they were already 2-4 years old, our empty arms ache and have ached.  Continue reading

Even Animals Speak Italian!

Ask any child what the chicken says and he or she is sure to say “Cluck, cluck.” Unless of course, that child happens to speak another language. For you see, animals speak different languages, depending on where they live!

There is no universal way for mimicking animal sounds. So when we do imitate their sounds we do it according to how it sounds in our own language. In English the dog says woof-woof or arf-arf. But in Spanish he says guau, guau, in Dutch blaf-blaf, Japanese wan-wan, and Korean meong. And here in Italy bau-bauContinue reading

Scheduling Simplicity?

The multiple distractions of modern life eat away at time, making organization and discipline ever more necessary. Perhaps even more so for folks like me, who work from home. With few actual deadlines to meet, it’s far too easy to procrastinate! And leaving things undone eventually creates problems.

Yet I’d hate to become so structured that I miss out on life’s simple pleasures, like leisurely strolls, watching sunsets, and visits with friends!

But can we really schedule a simple life?

Continue reading