Giving Thanks for Providence

Autumn in Italy is a special time of year, one of my favorites! In the small towns, like ours, the scent of wood smoke floats in the crisp, clean air. The grapes ferment into fine wines, and olives pressed into Italy’s green gold, glisten in their bottles.

But as an American, my thoughts turn naturally to Thanksgiving. Although with our kids grown and gone and Hubby working, we no longer ‘celebrate’ the holiday. But still it remains to me one of America’s greatest!  Continue reading “Giving Thanks for Providence”

Cultivating Contentment in a World of Stuff

I once read a testimony of a missionary family on a south Pacific island with limited finances, plagued by discouragement and malcontent. Until the day their young son prayed over lunch.

“Thank you Lord,” he prayed, “for everything we have. Thank you for our family, for our house, for our clothes, for this good food. And for our beds, and the table and chairs, and the dishes and the glasses…”  Continue reading “Cultivating Contentment in a World of Stuff”

The Significance of the Intertestamental Period

The Old and New Testaments are separated by one blank page in most Bibles. But that single page represents a long interval known as the 400 years of silence, as we have no record of God speaking through the prophets or inspired writers.  Continue reading “The Significance of the Intertestamental Period”

Why I Don’t Own a Smartphone

I’m probably among the few in Italy (and likely most places) with no Smartphone. And people often wonder why, so I explain that for me it’s a matter of ethics. Ethics that extend to my shopping and use of technology. Because I believe that my faith should guide every area of life, including technology.

Hubby and I tend to go against the flow of commercialism and materialism. The insatiable need for bigger, better, and more which seems to drive the world today, and which companies are all too happy to fill. They dangle the carrot of new, bigger, and better products and like sheep consumers chase after them — even if the items aren’t needed. Sometimes even jumping off the cliff into financial difficulty.  Continue reading “Why I Don’t Own a Smartphone”

Lessons from Mount Moriah

Moriah, which means chosen by God, was where God had his temple built, for it was a place special and holy to him. It was also where he sent King David to make sacrifice after his sin of taking census (1 Chronicles 21). Such a little thing, counting the people. But it showed his reliance on military might instead of God. Which angered God and caused him to send a plague.  Continue reading “Lessons from Mount Moriah”