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The Italian Carnival: A Venetian Tradition

Carnival starts today, which is a big celebration in our little town, with its historic tradition of a parade and a masked public street party. But no Italian carnival celebration more is famous than that of […]

Italy’s Snail-Loving Village

Though often thought of as a French dish, Italians equally love their lumache! And our village is no exception! In our area of Abruzzo, it’s known as the snail-loving village! 

Italy is for Nature Lovers

It’s a known fact that although Italy occupies only 0.05% of the earth and has only 0.83% of the world’s population, it has 70% of humanity’s artistic and cultural heritage sites. With its 50 sites, […]

Our Roman Octobers

Early Sunday mornings during the Roman Octobers of the early 1900s, families piled into horse-drawn carts, off to the countryside feasts! Known for their typical October weather, warm and balmy (even hot at times) the Roman […]