Life & Missions in Small-Town Italy

Moving to or even visiting Italian villages is a unique and sometimes perplexing experience. Expect people to stare (and I mean really stare) as you walk down the street, without letting it give you a complex. No, you are not funny looking or strange. They just don’t see many outsiders, and curiosity is one thing Italians do not lack!  Continue reading “Life & Missions in Small-Town Italy”

Our Tiny Italian {Dream} House

We had long dreamed of owning our own home, which with our lack of regular income seemed like The Impossible Dream. But in planning our move to Abruzzo nearly 10 years ago, we learned that property values in these inland villages of the south are unbelievably low.  Continue reading “Our Tiny Italian {Dream} House”

Culture Shock: Italian Worm Cheese

We have a saying in Italian. Non c’è niente di nuovo sotto il sole. (There is nothing new under the sun.) And yes, I know it’s from the Bible. But I also know that King Solomon, who wrote that, didn’t live in a foreign land. Otherwise, I wonder if he might not have changed it to: “There is something new under the sun. Every day, and in countless ways!”  Continue reading “Culture Shock: Italian Worm Cheese”

Italy: The Missionary Graveyard

One-by-one we’ve watched them go. Quite often heart-broken, usually discouraged, but always leaving a big chunk of their hearts behind them. Graveyard life did them in, and it’s really no surprise. It’s often dark and gloomy. Often oppressive and crushing.  Continue reading “Italy: The Missionary Graveyard”

Our Towns {Where is Home?}

The village

Our Towns is really our Tale of Two Houses. Ah, the complex fascination of expat life! (Read between the lines: challenging, frustrating, but ever so blessed!) In fact, during lunch with some new acquaintances recently they asked, “So where are you from?” Our response? “Um, have you got an easier question?” So, to make my long story brief…   

Having lived all over the USA and Italy, with a brief stint in Mexico, we honestly felt at a loss. Where are we from? I was born and grew up in Michigan. And hubby, born in Italy, was raised in the Bronx, by non English-speaking parents…  Continue reading “Our Towns {Where is Home?}”