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The Wise Woman with a Stone

If you could leave but one thing behind you what would it be? Wealth and property? Family heirlooms? For me those don’t even enter the running. Not only because I have few such things to […]

Simple Slow Living for Retirement

Between certain life-style choices we’ve made, and finding retirement age just around the corner (yikes), we’re starting to think about those years more. Choices we in no way regret, but which will undoubtedly make retirement interesting, to […]

Cultivating Contentment in a World of Stuff

I once read a testimony of a missionary family on a south Pacific island. Things were tough for them. Treated poorly by the locals, they had barely enough to live on. And discouraged, they toyed […]

Why I Don’t Own a Smartphone

I‘m probably among the few in Italy (and likely most places) with no Smartphone. And people often wonder why, so I explain that for me it’s a matter of ethics. Ethics that extend to my […]