Blog With Purpose, Not Obligation

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Have you ever written a blog post that starts out apologizing for not blogging in a while? I haven’t, but the thought had crossed my mind! Until I read a post about Blogging without Obligation. The author basically brought out the fact that no one should have to apoligize for how often they post. An intriguing thought.  Continue reading “Blog With Purpose, Not Obligation”

Life & Missions in Small-Town Italy

Moving to or even visiting Italian villages is a unique and sometimes perplexing experience. Expect people to stare (and I mean really stare) as you walk down the street, without letting it give you a complex. No, you are not funny looking or strange. They just don’t see many outsiders, and curiosity is one thing Italians do not lack!  Continue reading “Life & Missions in Small-Town Italy”

The Samaritan Woman on Your Doorstep

Darkness and despair emanated from her eyes, sounding the cry for help her lips could not utter. But when I’d invited her, “Come for coffee. It’s not good to stay alone,” I had no idea I was inviting HERAnd even less did I realize she was taboo. Not to associate with. No, I didn’t know. I’d never actually met HER before, that woman at the well.   Continue reading “The Samaritan Woman on Your Doorstep”

A New Kind of Thanksgiving

People around the world love and cherish their traditions, don’t they? Our work among the African refugees here made me reflect on this. Particularly on Thanksgiving traditions around the world. Many nations, like Italy, don’t celebrate it, while others do, or at least have harvest celebrations.  Continue reading “A New Kind of Thanksgiving”