5 Steps to Reclaim Your Life From the Internet

Have you ever had any epiphany moments in your life? Moments which awaken you and bring deep and lasting change to your life? I have, and one came to me recently.

Epiphany: a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

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Like a Queen: Treating Enemies Like Royalty

Tea setNo taller than a 10-year old, with a sly and suspicious gleam to her eye, she played the part of the proverbial evil landlady with me. And yet was as sweet as honey around my husband. The other residents, also hostile, seemed sweet by comparison. And the dark, dank apartment revealed a miserly streak as well.

It rained half the year in that picturesque region of Italy. Which produced luxuriant landscape, as well as flourishing mildew. Between wiping walls with bleach, and tossing ruined shoes, I shed many a tear of frustration.  Continue reading “Like a Queen: Treating Enemies Like Royalty”

That’s Not My Mom!

Mom-daughter hands

Grandchildren often think grandmothers are the most wonderful women on the face of the earth. But I wonder if my kids ever think, “That’s not the woman who raised me!”

Windows wide open to soft gentle breezes…it was springtime! My favorite time of year. And what better time to do spring cleaning? “But what does cleaning have to do with grandkids?” Well, read on…  Continue reading “That’s Not My Mom!”

Through the Eyes of a Child

Child looks

“Why don’t they want him to sing Nonna (Grandma)?” my 6-year old grandson wondered. “He sings good.” He just couldn’t understand why during the Rafe Hollister Sings espisode of the Andy Griffith Show, Mayberry’s mayor and a leading citizen (Mrs. Jeffrie) didn’t want Mr. Hollister to represent their town at a musical event.

“Yea,” added his 4-year old sister, “he sings better than that other guy (Deputy Barnie Fife)!” So I explained that they didn’t like the way he looked.  Continue reading “Through the Eyes of a Child”

The Old Aunty’s Kerchief {And the Power of Love}

Head bundles

I can picture her still so old and frail, hobbling up the steep hill leaning on her pair of homemade walking sticks. “What do you have there, Zia (Aunty)?” my husband asked, pointing to the open-mesh bag on her kerchief-covered head. I just gaped, wondering how many other nasty things she’d carried on that seldom-washed, dirty kerchief!

“Oh rabbit droppings for my plants,” she answered offhandedly. “Just let me set it inside the door here, and I’ll make some coffee!” she announced, clearly pleased at having visitors.  Continue reading “The Old Aunty’s Kerchief {And the Power of Love}”

Breaking Through Anger

Break through wall

Do you know the tale of The Little Engine That Could? The little train in that children’s story discovered he could do anything by first convincing himself that he could. So he went around continually repeating, “I think I can, I think I can…”

That’s a great tale for teaching children to tune out discouraging voices and believe in themselves. And it worked for the little engine!  Continue reading “Breaking Through Anger”