Keep Running the Race: A Lesson from the Land Crab


Land crab

As this year draws toward its finish, I’d like to ask you a question. How has it treated you? It was a tough year for many, I know. And with all the crime, hatred, and violence exploding around the world it’s no wonder. Or perhaps you even faced personal difficulty. Unemployment, the loss of a love one, or severe health issues.  Continue reading “Keep Running the Race: A Lesson from the Land Crab”

God’s Key to Success

No tree has to stand in the orchard shouting, “Look at my fruit!” It doesn’t have to, because fruit speaks for itself.

Filled with a certain greatness, Psalm 1 calls us upward to live in such a way that we will be like that solid tree, drawing sustenance from the stream — and succeeding in all we do.  Continue reading “God’s Key to Success”

The Importance of Yearly Bible Reading

One of our granddaughters once drew a selfie which included us. “I gave us glasses,” she explained to me, “but not Nonno (grandfather) because he can never find his anyway!” She knows her Nonno well. The absent-minded professor in person, constantly misplacing his keys, glasses, and other things!  Continue reading “The Importance of Yearly Bible Reading”