When God Says ‘You Have Not Failed Me’

The apostle Paul often found himself sitting in a prison cell. The city in an uproar over this man who stirred things up wherever he went. I would have asked, “Why Lord? I was only obeying you and preaching your message. So please get me out of this fix! I’ve done nothing to deserve jail!”  Continue reading “When God Says ‘You Have Not Failed Me’”

God Will Always Keep a Place for Us

Tickets? Ready! Passports? Ready! Our eight suitcases bulged with the little we owned, including eight teddy bears! Other than one box left with my parents, a small stash of money, passports and other documents, that was all we had in the world. Luggage? Ready! At last! We were finally ready to leave for the mission field! Italy here we come!  Continue reading “God Will Always Keep a Place for Us”

The Lame Beggar Healed {Without Even Asking}

A man I know spent a week in a train station among the homeless street people, hoping to discover what life was like for them. The main thing he learned was what it was like to be nameless, faceless, and overlooked. They were forgotten people.
Continue reading “The Lame Beggar Healed {Without Even Asking}”

Finding God In the Storm

Scientists tell us that even hurricanes bring some benefit. Though violent, these storms purify the ocean by breaking up bacteria and bringing fresh oxygen. They also carry much-needed rain and replenish inland plant life. And they assist with global heat balance, and even replenish the barrier islands which would otherwise shrink and sink into the ocean.¹  Continue reading “Finding God In the Storm”

God Hears Even Before we Call

Struggling to live on next-to-nothing, our year in a central Italian village was tough. Especially because of the people’s closed and suspicious attitudes toward us. Not that we escaped unnoticed, though! The drug addicts we helped visited often, which is only right. The needy should be able to turn to us.  Continue reading “God Hears Even Before we Call”